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Coal miners are the lifeblood of wild, wonderful West Virginia and the United States of America. Whether miles underground or on the surface, coal mining is our past, our present, and our future. Having represented coal miners for decades Bailey Javins & Carter L.C. felt the need to create something that addressed the needs of miners and their families.

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Mining Health Safety

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For Top Hospital, Tough Questions About Black Lung and Money

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My husband is a coal miner & I am very proud of him & everything he does for us!

I am the very proud son of a WV surface mine. God bless all of our miners, may you stay safe

Proud to be a part of the Coal Mining Family for 9 years! Peace and Prayers to all the hard working men and women in the industry!

I haul blasting agent to the mines.Miners are some of the best people we come in contact with.always helpful and friendly.Thanks for all you do.